What is LDAR?

Leak detection and repair (LDAR) regulations affect almost all U.S. industry processes in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used or manufactured, and NEIC has had a lead role in Agency investigations of these LDAR programs since the early 1990s. NEIC has now expanded its investigation tools to include innovative, information forensic science techniques which allow previously-unexplored compliance areas to be evaluated.

Typical large scale petrochemical manufacturing facilities can contain over 100,000 pieces of regulated process equipment which may leak VOCs to the atmosphere, thereby contributing to the formation of ground level ozone. Each piece of equipment may be required to be tested for leaks several times each year, and additional information regarding leak repairs might be recorded. In order to fully evaluate compliance with LDAR regulations, NEIC has employed relational databases and structured query language (SQL) to collect and evaluate this detailed facility information. Using correlation equations developed by EPA, NEIC can then model emissions from data collected onsite in order to evaluate the validity of company-reported VOC emissions data. NEIC innovation in leak detection and repair compliance investigations has encouraged several companies to enter global settlement negotiations to resolve both LDAR and other Clean Air Act compliance issues.

LDAR Compliance

The Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) compliance method is a complex mixture of scheduling the minimum number of inspections to ensure compliance, producing & tracking work orders when leaking components are discovered, and environmental reporting.

LeakDAS® is used to manage fugitive emissions compliance programs required in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as environmental agencies in other countries.


LeakDAS® is more than a database. It's your dashboard for managing fugitive emission compliance operations. LeakDAS manages information and record keeping in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and focused on regulatory compliance. It provides the tools to make your LDAR program defendable when audited.

LeakDAS Mobile

LeakDAS® Mobile Edition is an extension of LeakDAS that takes your compliance records out into the field where monitoring technicians will be guided through the processes of Method 21 monitoring, repair information collection, and component tagging or editing. 

InspectionLogic Corporation

InspectionLogic Corp. is widely known as the market leader for LDAR software for industries that must comply with government regulations pertaining to VOC and Hazardous Air Pollutants leaking from chemical processing equipment.

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